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The alphaSXplayer is an author's project created by Maxim Chernousov. Initially the main idea of this project was to experiment with A432Hz instrument tuning for music playback. But during a work it revealed that standard hi-level iOS audio interface doesnt allow play with it. As result of many experiments, it's becomes clear what it is necessary to use low-level audio components which had becomes available only in newest versions of iOS. In result, it gave a possibility to create a very powerful and rich-featured player what consumes a small amount of system resources and memory and provide a highest quality of sound and special sound effects. Of course, the present player can play with A432Hz tuning. And plus it has a lot of other features for adjustable music playback.

The basic version of player is absolutely free. You can get it and self experiment with 432Hz tune-up and other customizable playback parameters.

The project will be developed. If you have some notices or thoughts then you can write to author at this email or use project's pages on facebook or twitter.

Other projects of author you can find on the site www.alphaplugins.com


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Vietnamese review



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